Jackie Chan shows his love for Kim Hee Sun

Jackie Chan was featured in an interview in KBS's "Entertainment Weekly" on January 25th.

Kim Hee Sun and Jackie Chan knew each other by starring in "The Myth" together back in 2005, so during his trip to Korea this time, the actress sent a video message to him,"Welcome to Korea. I heard that your movie was released. Congratulations! Please always be healthy and for every single time, thank you for coming to Korea"

After that the reporter asked Jackie Chan,"Kim Hee Sun is really beautiful, isn't she?", to this he jokingly replied in Korean,"She was very beautiful in the past"

He then explained,"In the past she was beautiful and she is even more beautiful now", and he kissed video message's screen, showed his affection towards Kim Hee Sun.

In addition, Jackie Chan said that he really likes eating spicy beef soup while he's in Korea.