Ha Jiwon, Kang Yewon and Gain battle in belly dancing for movie 'The Huntresses'

A still photo for the upcoming movie 'The Huntresses' or 'Three Joseon Angels' ,directed by Park Je Hyun, is released on 8th to the public showing the three leading cast Ha Jiwon, Kang Yewon and Gain belly dancing.

The three actresses received training from a belly dancing instructor in preparation for the movie. Gain shared that the two even did a freestyle belly dancing and claimed that it's a good workout. Wearing their sexy, abs-exposing costumes, Jiwon, Yewon and Gain perfectly executed the scene.

'The Huntresses' is an action historical film about a group of three beautiful ladies with unique characters and is expected to be release in theaters on January 29.

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Written by KYUriShana@dkpopnews.net