Ha Ji Won picks Hyun Bin as her closest male actor friend

On January 29th, SBS 'Midnight TV" had an interview with the cast of "The Huntresses" including Ha Ji Won, Gain, Kang Ye Won, Joo Sang Wook.

When Ha Ji Won was asked about the male actor who is the closest to her, without any hesitation she answered,"It's Hyunbin". She said that Hyunbin sent her a message with "Seung Nyang fighting!". For more information, Seung Nyang is the name of her character in "Empress Ki" which rewarded her the honorable Daesang at KBS Drama Awards last year.

Joo Sang Wook was also in the interview, he showed a jealous expression when he heard Ha Ji Won's answer, to this she said,"Next time I want to work with Joo Sang Wook" as her answer to the question about who she wants to work with in her next project.