GP Basic signal a comeback with 5 members

After a long hiatus, GP Basic is going back to kpop scene once again.

On January 1, their official Facebook account updated a photo signaling a comeback. The photo contains the words 'Black Bounce' and their group's name written in a sleek font.

The girl group is announced to come back on February with only 5 members are Leah reportedly left the group due to personal reasons. The youngest member Janey, who joined D-UNIT as a guest member in March last year is going back to GP Basic.

Fans expressed their excitement as they commented, "I hope they'll be better this time now that they are grown ups.","I miss GP Basic's swag. Finally a comeback!","It's unfortunate that Leah left but I'm looking forward for their comeback."

Are you ready for upgraded Zion, Trinity, Amet, Mui and Janey soon?

Source: GP Basic 
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