G-Dragon,'Seungri can be Big Bang's next leader'

G-Dragon chose Seungri to be the next Big Bang's leader.

On January 25th, KBS' "Entertainment Weekly" visited G-Dragon on a shooting set and had an interview with him.

When he was asked,"If you could choose one person to be the next Big Bang's leader, who would it be?". To this he answered,"Seungri, because he wants to do it" and then laughed.

He added,"He's full of responsibility so I believe he will do well as a leader"

G-Dragon also said,"Yang Hyun Suk chose me as the leader and I have been doing it until now. When I first started doing it, I was very demanding and pointed out to each member one by one. The members must have suffered a lot because of me. But after years growing together, we are like a family now, we consider and understand each other more, it's completely different from before"

In addition, he mentioned about Yang Hyun Suk's singing ability,"I listened to our president's solo album before, and he sang with the exact tone as how he speaks", and made everyone burst in laughter.