FT ISLAND's Song Seung Hyun and Song Eun Yi to transform into Trouble Makers

FT ISLAND's Song Seung Hyun along with Song Eun Yi will form a new duet!

On January 8th, FnC released a new photo through official Facebook,"Duet Song Eun-Yi and Song Seung-Hyun ‘Two Song Place’ transformed to ‘Trouble maker’! How do they look? ^^ Please look forward to the MV of their new song ‘Age-Height’, an ensemble of hot, brilliant parodies of different hot clips, releasing on the 13th!"

In the photo, we can see Seung Hyun had his hair dyed in purple-gray while Song Eun Yi was wearing a blonde wig, they were acting out a back hug scene which is similar to Trouble Makers in their MV "Now".

The photo has attracted much attention and many people are curious upon this new duet and how the MV will look like.

In addition, the full song will be released on 9th at noon, the MV teaser will be released on 10th while the full MV will be on 13th.