EXO's Chanyeol on 'Law of the Jungle','I wil not go to the toilet'

The reason why Chanyeol won't go to the toilet revealed

In the latest episode of "Law of the Jungle" aired on January 3rd, when Chanyeol was on the way to find the toilet but the cameraman kept on following him. It seemed he worried about his image, he nervously said,"Don't come along or I will remove the camera's battery"

Then he kept looking back at the camera and asked,"Do you really come along?", and by seeing any sign of withdrawing from the cameraman, he finally said,"Today I will not go the toilet"

Netizen commented,"Chanyeol is so cute","Even EXO still needs to go the toilet","It's not good to hold it in Chanyeol ah", and so on