Dohee supports Baro and shares wacky selcas

Tiny G's Dohee shows support for her former co-actor in Reply 1994, Baro, by uploading a set of selcas taken together.

She uploaded the photo on her twitter account and wrote,

"Our Baro (Binggeure) oppa's song has been released! Please give much love to their title song 'Lonely' as we listen to it or why not listen to all the songs in the album! Let's do all-kill on charts!!! Hwaiting! B1A4-Lonely is jjang" 

In the photo, Dohee and Baro enjoyed a series of wacky expressions which were loved by the viewers on their hit drama 'reply 1994'. The two idols-turned-actors displayed their witty characters on and off cam and enjoyed the company of each other.

It's glad to know that each of them are supporting one another even after the drama. Do you miss the cast already?