Dara is all out support for Cheondung's first single

As expected, 2NE1's Dara is going to give all her support to her dear brother's first single release.

MBLAQ's Cheondung releases his self-composed song 'Gone' today and his noona, 2NE1 Dara emerged as his number 1 fan. Dara is all out support as she wrote on twitter,

"Cheondung's solo and self-written song 'Gone' is finally released!!!^0^ Dung-i wrote the beginning parts of the song in our house that's why I got to listen to it whenever I go home, but listening to the whole song is such a great feeling ^_^ This is the song which I really like >.< There's no reason not to listen to this song!" She even uploaded a screencap of her brother's song playing on her playlist.

Like Dara, you might lost your reason when you listen to his song below: