Dara impresses with her baby face and skinny body in black sleeveless dress

You might barely see 2NE1's Dara in mini dress but the group's face wore on during the '28th Golden Daesang Awards' at Kyunghee University on January 16.

It has been a while but fans are commenting here and there while posting solo shots of Dara wearing mini black dress from the event. The 30-year old female idol (turning 31 this year) made some fans envious of her lovely and girly appearance and others shook their heads with her skinny body.

Some commented, "Is she really turning 31? How possible it that with her baby face?","I still can't believe she's one of the oldest female idol around.","I envy her face.","She looks so skinny and made her even smaller in that dress, but she's undeniably pretty.","She's too skinny, eat a lot Dara!" and so on.

What is your stance?

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