Changmin to depart from 'Our Neighborhood Arts and Physical Education'

According to a representative from "Our Neighborhood Arts and Physical Education", Changmin will leave the show after recording for a basketball episode on January 15th.

Changmin expressed the desire to leave the show since he wants to focus on the promotion of TVXQ's 7th album, and the production crew gladly granted it.

Changmin joined the show along with Kang Ho Dong since April last year. He has gaining a positive image and the youngest member of the team but always tried his best in all the games.

It is said that after Changmin's departure, Kang Ho Dong will be the main MC of the show and for each segment, there will be special guests. Previous due to the trip to Sochi, Changmin had to cancel all his promotion schedule for "Something" for about 7 days.

Meanwhile, TVXQ just made a comeback with their 7th album "TENSE" on January 6th.