[BREAKING] Jiyoung decides to leave KARA, won't renew her contract

After the confirmation of Nicole leaving KARA by not renewing her contract to pursue her studies in the US, fans are waiting for Jiyoung's decision if she's going to renew her contract or not.

Unfortunately, KARA's youngest member Jiyoung has finally made her decision to leave KARA and therefore not to renew her contract which will expire in April. According to officials, certificate of 'non-renewal' for her contract has been sent to DSP Media.

Jiyoung's father, Mr. Kang had a phone interview with Sports Chosun on 15th and confirmed that they sent the necessary contents for 'non-renewal' already. Mr. Kang said, "We send it already last week. This breaking up process is difficult but it's better this way. This is a lot harder for Jiyoung but we really want her to leave DSP for her to pursue her dreams."

A representative from DSP stated, "We're currently working on Nicole's matters first but we're taking Jiyoung's issue soon after to persuade them since there are lot of time left until April."

The news about Nicole and Jiyoung leaving the group was reported in October last year. After three months of waiting and careful decision-making, the two KARA members have finally settled their final decisions.

Written by KYUriShana@dkpopnews
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