[Breaking] Eunji and Lee Sem withdraw from Nine Muses

A surprising and unfortunate news has come to Nine Muses' fans as two members have confirmed their withdrawal from the group.

Member Lee Sem (Lee Hyeonju) and Park Eunji are going to leave Nine Muses, their agency confirmed on January 29. They stated, "After 4 years of being Nine Muses members, Lee Sem and Eunji are going to officially withdraw." They continued, "They have been together for a long time ever since their debut days and we think it's the agency's duty to respect their personal decision."

"Eunji and Lee Sem are going to meet you in the future in variety of areas. However, we haven't discussed about specific details yet. Nine Muses are continuing with 7 members" Eunji and Lee Sem are still going to continue their contract under the agency.

A photo of Nine Muses in casual wear, white knits and pullovers and jeans, has been taken to prove the support showed by the members to Eunji and Lee Sem.

Guess you wonder how Nine Muses will hold their group name after this.

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Written by KYUriShana@dkpopnews.net