After School, Hello Venus and NU'EST prepare food for their fans at ISAC

Pledis' idols from After School, Hello Venus and NU'EST prepared drinks and food for their fans present at MBC Idol Star Athletics Championship 2014 on January 13.

The idols prepared BD Lab Skini drinks and kimbap for their respective fans who are cheering for them during the recording.

Some even posted photos of them with the foods for their fans showing their thoughtfulness and concern. There are NU'EST JR, Ren, Aron, Baekho, Hello Venus' Lime, After School's Lizzy, Raina, Kaeun, Juyeon and more.

You might be wondering while Nana and Uie's photos are in kimbap's pack, it's because the two weren't present at the said event. Check their photo updates below: