2PM Taecyeon deletes his tweets about JYP and asks for understanding

2PM Taecyeon took the risk on January 3 when he tweeted a series of updates expressing his negative thoughts towards the management of his agency, JYP Entertainment.

In his tweets, he pointed out the unfairness of JYP towards its staff and employees which disappointed Taecyeon. He even gave his personal advice for the entertainment's reformation.

However, on Janaury 4, Taecyeon deleted those tweets and leaves a message,

"I think it was improper of me to write about the company's management issues in public. I do hope everyone to understand that I wrote it out of affection and passion for JYP to become the best. I will work hard to have a better communication with the company in the future."

Even though he seemed regretful, fans support and cheer for him, "You love your company that's why you criticize them. We understand you. Fighting!","I support you on how you show your care towards your company.","You pointed out something we wanted to say for long.","Cheer up, you did nothing wrong," and so on.

Do you think Taecyeon's act was inappropriate?

Source: Taecyeon's twitter
Written by KYUriShana@dkpopnews.net