2NE1's Dara and Winner's Mino's conversation

2NE1's Dara took time to answer Winner's Mino's video letter.

Mino said, "Seungyoon-ah, I’m going to give Dara noona a video letter right now so I’m making this. Hello noona! I’m Winner’s MINO. I’m making this video letter because we’re compatible Noona, I want to be closer." 

Here's the video: 

It was followed with, "Everyone I just got a reply from Dara noona! At the salon, while she was dying her hair she sent a video message to me!"

Dara replied with, "Hi Mino, I thought we’re already close but receiving this, I’m surprised. But I’m glad, and sorry I’m now looking like this, I’m in the middle of dying my hair. But isn’t this me thinking juniors so beautiful?!"

Watch Dara's video message below:

written by: loveluytakyo@dkpopnews.net