Yoona thanks fans for their support on her drama 'Prime Minister and I'

SNSD's Yoona expressed her gratitude towards the kindness her fans have given to support her  for her upcoming drama 'Prime Minister and I'.

On December 4, the drama had its press conference, which attended by the full cast, including Yoona. To commemorate, Yoona's fans send rice wreath. Yoona sends her thank you message on their official website along with a photo. She wrote,

"Today, finally kbs Monday&Tuesday drama "Prime Minister and I" which will air its first broadcast on December 9 had its press conference~ Starting from the entrance there are lots of rice filled with your love, thank you. It seems like I was able to be stronger and ended it well^^ THe best the best♡ Less than a week left before the broadcastㅠ Like how the filming went with lots of fun, the drama will be surely bright and warm.. Please anticipate it a lot. And!! Watch the original broadcast♡kk"

Along with her message is a photo of her a promotional flyer for their drama. Don't forget to watch the premiere on December 9!