Yoon Si Yoon to enlist in the army next year?

In the afternoon on December 23rd at Gyunggido, Yoon Si Yoon was filming for drama "Prime Minister and I". Right on the filming set he was asked by some reporters,"For example, if you have a chance for a marriage, but it isn't someone you expected, then what will you think about it?"

Yoon Si Yoon answered,"I really don't think about it much at the moment, I just want to do my best for my role and after that I will enlist in the army", he also said that he will explain more about it next year.

Yoon Si Yoon plays the role as an elite section chief who works in prime minister's office. He's also a childhood friend and first love of Dajung(Yoona). He's the one that knows about Dajung's mom secret. So his role will be an important character in the drama.

"Prime Minister and I" is currently being broadcast every Monday - Tuesday night