Yoon Si Yoon talks about his reading habit

At 'Prime Minister and I' press conference on December 4th, Yoon Si Yoon talked about his addiction in reading books.

When he was asked,"Yoon Si Yoon is known as a person who reads many books, to prepare for this drama what kind of books have you read?", he answered,"I study about young politicians. But because of the filming schedule so I haven't read much, I usually read during my break time"

He also added,"I love reading, it makes me relax. I think I'm addicted to it. If I don't have anything to read I will feel agitated. So that's why I have a bad eyesight".

His co-actors also impressed with his habit. Ryu Jin said,"Even on filming set he read many books.This is the first time I saw someone like him. He also knows by heart all of his lines in the script. It seems he read the script at least 100 times, he takes notes on every little details"

Chae Jung Ahn said,"If other men are addicted to drinking,smoking and coffee, then Yoon Si Yoon is addicted to reading books"

In addition, "Prime Minister and I" will be aired on December 9th on KBS2.

Source: Nate
Writen by clover @ DKPOPNEWS.NET