Which artist does Suzy want to work with?

Suzy chose Park Jin Young and Lee Hyori as the artists she wants to work with.

On December 27th, Suzy along with Lee Hwi Jae and Yoon Si Yon hosted 2013 KBS Gayo Daechukjae. When Lee Hwi Jae asked,"Is there any singer you want to stand on stage together?", and Suzy answered,"I want to stand on a stage together with Park Jin Young", showed her loyalty to her agency.

But Lee Hwi Jae just jokingly asked back,"Isn't this answer too boring? and he continued,"How about SM Lee Soo Man?",while Yoon Si Yoon asked,"How about Hyun Mi teacher?"

Upon this Suzy then gave her answer,"I want to perform on the same stage with Lee Hyori. I'm really a big fan of her"