Troublemaker guy enters instagram!

Now see who's the newest recruit to instagram's kpop list? He's none other than B2ST's Hyunseung.
Hyunseung is finally back to SNS as he created an instagram account on December 4.

Through their official twitter account, Cube announced that Hyun Seung has instagram now to communicate with fans. Hyunseung, uploaded his 1st photo in which he is wearing tattered jeans and white knitted pullover while sitting down on the stairs' step looking down without revealing his face, with a short caption, "long time no see."

Fans replied him by commenting, "Oppa finally you've created instagram!","I've been waiting for you!","Yes long time no see but I can't see you in your photo!","Upload photo everyday oppa" and so on.

So far, B2ST members who have instagram are Yoseob, Doojoon,Junhyung and the latest would be Hyunseung. Follow him to get more photo and video updates! @89_h

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