Song Ji Hyo fell asleep on a 7-meter flatform

Song Ji Hyo is really called the "Ace of Running Man" for a good reason.

In the latest episode of "Running Man" aired on December 29th, with the theme "Running Man vs Production Team", together they carried out one of the most difficult missions from then till now: they had to pull out 24 stacks from a 7-meter Jenga block without its collapsing, and Song Ji Hyo was chosen to be the one to stay on top of it.

There was a moment when the other members were discussing, maybe because of waiting for too long, she got tired and then was spotted sleeping on top of the block. The other members were all shocked and even worried if something happened to her, caused Yoo Jae Suk to say,"No matter how tired she is, how could she fall asleep at a place like that?"

In addition, Song Ji Hyo won Female High Excellence at 2013 SBS Entertainment Awards on December 30th.