SMRookies introduce more members Mark, HanSol and JiSung + practice video with Tony Testa

You'll be seeing new faces when you visit SMRookies' Facebook page as they introduce three boys today.

Photos of Mark, Hansol and Jisung are uploaded along with a dance practice video with renowned international choreographer Tony Testa.

The male rookies were being taught in the clip and dancing along with Tony. Although some of the boys aren't introduced yet, they are already receiving attention for their dancing skills and appearances especially the youngest JiSung, who is standing out.

Fans commented, "Tony Testa is with them! So big time!","They are so young yet they are already learned from Tony.","JiSung is so young but he dances well.","Who's that blonde guy?","I'm loving them!" and so on.

See the photos and clip below: