SM reveals pre-debut team 'SM ROOKIES' featuring 3 fresh trainees

SM Entertainment just updated their facebook account with some photos of their trainees. People have been crowding the comment boxes under the photos of their trainees as they attract so much attention.

On December 3, SM introduces Seul Gi (19), Jeno (13) and Tae Yong (18). Known to shelter good-looking and talented artists, SM proves appearance wise is selling as the three rookies have already received love.

Fans expressed their anticipation as they commented, "SM you never fails to please me!","Where do you find these beautiful creatures?","I'm already rooting for Tae Yong!","Oh my God, Jeno is only 13?", "Seul Gi is very pretty and she has a good voice too!","I can't wait for their debut!" and so on.

In addition, SM also releases some video clips featuring Seul Gi, who was already mentioned before in Radio Star. She's not just pretty face but possesses heavenly voice as well.

Watch below:

So, who from the three SM rookies are you anticipating the most?

Source: SMTOWN Facebook
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