SHINee to release 'Colorful' Music Video

SHINee to release a new music video for the track "Colorful".

On December 20th, SM Entertainment revealed,"This afternoon, "Colorful" music video will be released through SM TOWN Youtube Channel and SM TOWN Facebook. It's expected to attract much interest from both domestic and foreign fans".

It has been a busy and active year for SHINee since they made 3 comebacks with "Dream Girl","Why So Serious" and "Everybody". "Colorful" is one of the tracks in their 5th mini album "Everybody" and the music video is said to be a special gift for fans who have been supporting them throughout the year. The music video will be filled with bright and cheerful atmosphere and it will be a compilation of all SHINee' activities in 2013.

In addition, SHINee will hold a concert named "The Wizard" for SMTOWN WEEK on December 21st. They will also perform "Colorful" live for the first time at the concert.