Shin JiHoon is happy being a singer and figure skater at the same

Former SBS ‘KPOP STAR 2′ Shin JiHoon revealed how does it feel like being a singer.

Before her stage on MCD on December 5, Star caught up JiHoon and she expressed, "I'm nervous but very happy."

She added, "I'm very happy to have the opportunity to promote as a singer. It would be my last week. It's regretful but I'll be very busy afterwards as a figure skater because I'm going to join a competition."

"I often heard people saying I'm greedy for doing two things at a time but I love doing both. I won't give up 50% of my happiness."

Shin Jihoon debuted on October 16 with 'Right There' and followed it up with another single 'Hurtful' on November 22.

She will end her promotional activities at Inkigayo on 8th to prepare for her figure skating competition and expected to return to music early next year.

Source: Star
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