'Reply 1994' to broadcast a special episode

Fans of the drama are very excited upon this surprise news.

The drama is coming to an end, but the production crew just revealed that they will broadcast a special episode.

On December 26th, a representative said,"The special episode will be broadcast on January 4th & 5th. It will be a sum up of all the things that happened throughout the drama, there will be interviews for each character and unveiled interesting behind-the-scene stories"

The 2 last episodes are coming near and the viewers are really curious about who is Najung's husband. In episode 19, Chilbong returned to Korea and confessed his feeling once again to her, and the climax was when the triangle Trash-Najung-Chilbong had an unexpected reunion at the hospital.

If you want to know about the identity of the husband, remember to tune in the last episode which will be broadcasted on December 28th.