Reply 1994 to be published as a novel

"Reply 1994" will be released as a book.

On December 23rd, a representative from tvN revealed,"We are planning to publish Reply 1994 as a novel book".

"We haven't decided the release date yet. The drama will end on December 28th so we are still discussing about the printing schedule","Scriptwriter Lee Jung Woo won't participate in this project. The book will be based on the content from the drama. The story will be written by someone else"

Previously "Reply 1997" was also published as a novel named "Reply 1997 Syndrome" and it became a best-seller book. It was said that in the upcoming book, those stories and inner thoughts of each character that can't be seen in the drama will be described in the novel.

The last episode of "Reply 1994" will be broadcast on December 28th.