Meet the new Crayon Pop featuring Kahi!

Looks like we have someone parodying Crayon Pop here? She is none other than sexy Kahi.
She uploaded a quirky photo of her on her instagram account and wrote,

"Our #Ddasamo I love you ke that person at the end is Hong Kyeong Min keke Ddasamo's 10th anniversary commemorative performance Crayon Pop's Bar Bar Bar keke Kim Jeong Eun unnie, Seo Ji Hye, Bar Kahi, Jeon Hye Bin, Hong Kyeong Min oppa ke".

In the photo, Kahi and the rest of Ddasamo members are wearing Crayon Pop's signature costume, tracksuits and helmets, while posing together.

Kahi who is a member of Ddasamo, which is a group of volunteers who do charity works, attended their 10th anniversary and performed the hit Bar Bar Bar song at the concert.