Kyuhyun clarifies SM Rookies' Seul Gi is not his girl

Super Junior Kyuhyun doesn't want people to misunderstand everything about his relationship towards the recently-introduced SM rookie Seul Gi.

On December 3, SM announced the three trainees under their pre-debut team 'SM Rookies' including Seul Gi, who is actually made familiar ever since Kyuhyun mentioned her on Radio Star.

Because of this, Seul-Gi's name has been tagged with Kyuhyun and gave her an alias 'Kyuhyun's girl' which appeared on articles. Kyuhyun, who seemed not overwhelmed by this situation, logged in to his twitter and wrote,

"Ha-ah.. Making me log in to twitter.. the articles' title isn't right ㅜㅜ She is not my girl.. I'm just like those common seniors who wish for the best! Well SM ROOKIES? Seul Gi, Jeno, Taeyong I wish you guys to become everybody's romance not just a person's romance, finishing warmly keke."

With Kyuhyun's clear message, hopefully such articles won't appear again.
Have you check the SM Rookies yet?

Source: Kyuhyun's twitter
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