Hyorin wants her double eyelid surgery confession to air in broadcasts

SISATR Hyorin doesn't seem like her revelation about her double eyelid surgery getting cut form broadcasts.

On December 4th broadcast of Radio Star, Hyorin appeared as on of the guests. She talked about her double eyelid surgery. She said, "The last time I guested here I talked about going to plastic surgeon and I got my double eyelid surgery. Actually I also talked about this on other places before Radio Star."

"I only got double eyelid surgery. I've talked about it in other broadcast but it's always  getting edited out. So, when Radio Star aired it, people say I only admitted it on Radio Star because of my past photos that's why I feel my heart would break. In fact I always stated it, it's just that Radio Star is the only one who aired it."

Fans admired Hyorin's honesty as they commented, "I like how she's honest.","Why would they edit it out?","I don't care if she got surgery, I love her voice." and so on.

Watch the clip here: