Heechul reveals the identity of his woman

Super Junior Heechul has somebody whom he calls 'my woman'.

The identity of the woman was revealed on 14th as he appeared on 'Human Condition' along with comedian Yang Sang Kook.

In the show, the comedian revealed that he and Heechul are close online friends and demanded to call Son DamBi, because he is a fan of her. Heechul immediately called his friend. As she answered the phone, Son DamBi said, "My man!", Heechul answered back,"Where are you my woman?" without any hesitation revealing their close relationship.

Then Heechul introduce them. Yang Sang Kook invited Son DamBi to eat out which the singer accepted gladly. After the phone conversaiton, Heechul cleared up, "The one I called 'my woman' isn't the same person I have feelings for".

Watch the video below: