f(x) models for basketball online game 'Freestyle 2'

Seems like girl groups are trending in online games. Following their sunbaes, SNSD who models for a Chinese game 'Blade and Soul', f(x) are already confirmed to be the promoters of a basketball arcade game 'Freestyle 2'.

On December 3, it was announced by the manufacturer of the said online game 'Joy City' that they have chosen popular girl group f(x) to model for their game.

According to them, the girls' individuality will appeal to Chinese market such as customizing the characters' appearances with colorful wearable items from the ingame shop. Particularly member Victoria who is born in China. She receives more popularity in her mainland as she appears in dramas that's why anticipation is rising.

Meanwhile, check the promotional photos of the members' below:

Source: Nate
Written by KYUriShana@dkpopnews.net