Fans want K.Will on 'Perfume' MV!

The MV of K.Will and Noel’s Jeong Woo Sung's song 'Perfume' was released last week. However, K.Will was not on the MV.
The fans expressed that they want a new version that will include K.Will.
Here are some of the comments:
"kind of dissapointed that k.wil's not in the mv..but the song really makes me touched<3"

"K.will needs to seriously come out in his mvs he is SO handsome and I honestly think he's the best looking guy I've ever seen...I just don't get it, let him come out! So many people want to see him!"

"Calm down guys..i also want kwill to be in his own music video..but u know that oppa said that the reason why he didnt appeared because he said it would give a big impact like BAMM once he appears on his own..ㅋㅋㅋ im waiting for that day ♡"

Watch below!

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SOURCE: LOEN MUSIC Official Channel