Close good-looking friends, Woobin and Jonghyun pose for a photo at MCD!

It's not everyday that we could have a chance to see superior good-looking guys in one photo. Thanks to m!Countdown for taking a picture of this close friends.

MCD's MC Kim Woobin and CNBlue's Lee Jonghyun pose for a photo at M!Countdown's backstage on December 12. MCD tweeted, "Woobin-gun and Jonghyun-gun who first met in a drama seemed like they are still so~~~ close! Today's Romantic J's first stage and here comes MC Woobin to cheer! Watch M COUNTDOWN at 6PM for Romantic J’s first.ever.stage."

Atatched is a photo of the two, smiling together at the camera. Jonghyun looked like he's about to laugh while Woobin is giving off a cool aura. he two has built close friendship during their appearance on SBS TV drama "A Gentleman's Dignity".