CL does 90-degrees bow to hoobaes Crayon Pop

CL's captured photo bowing 90-degrees in front of hoobaes Crayon Pop has attracted attention.

On December 5 episode of M Countdown, many artists made their comeback including Crayon Pop. When the artist were all gathered, CL is seen bowing 90-degrees in front of her hoobaes from Crayon Pop, who had their comeback for 'Lonely Christmas'.

Fans posted different reactions like, "I think she bowed to all artists not only Crayon Pop.","She's very well mannered, even bowing to her hoobaes.","She not just beautiful, she has a beautiful personality as well.","CL is a woman of respect."

Still, either she bowed to all artists or especially to Crayon Pop, that's a good manner, all idols should maintain, isn't?

Source: Hankooki
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