A.Cian is back with 'Love At First Sight' audio!

Originally, A.Cian debuted in 2012 as a five-member group consisting of Seulgi, Chan Hee, Crooge, Se Hee and Sanghyun. Now, a newbie was added named U Tae. However, when U Tae entered the group, Crooge decided to leave. Unfortunately, Se Hee and Seulgi followed Crooge.

Now that they are making a comeback with three members only, Chan Hee, Sanghyun and U Tae, they decided to add three more fresh members. They are Hidden, Jung Sang and Jin Oh.

Their dual mini albums “Stuck” and “Hit” were followed by their latest song, Love At First Sight“. ISS Entertainment uploaded its audio clip.

Listen below:

written by: loveluytakyo@dkpopnews.net