9MUSES release 2nd set of sexier teasers for 'Glue'

After so much tease from 9MUSES' 1st set of teasers featuring sexy Sung A, Sera, Lee Sem and Gyueong Ree, sexier concept images followed.

This time, hotness is elevating for the 2nd set featuring Minha, Hyun A, Euaerin, Eunji and Hyemi. Revealing more flesh with naughty kiss marks, the nine ladies have completed their jacket photos for their upcoming single 'Glue'.

Their comeback single 'Glue' which MV is rated 25+ will be released on December 4. Meanwhile, upon seeing the 9 sexy jacket photos, which photo you have your eyes glued on the most?

Source: 9MUSES Facebook 
Written by KYUriShana@dkpopnews.net