9MUSES release 1st set of sexy teasers for 'Glue'

After releaisng a sexy MV teaser, 9MUSES continue to arouse fans' excitement by revealing the first set of members' sexy concept imgaes through their Facebook account.

The first set features members Sung A, Sera, Lee Sem and Gyueong Ree. All girls are dressed into various sexy black outfits which contour their curves and sexy body lines as they projected different poses.

Check their individual photos below:

 Lee Sem
 Sung A
 Gyueong Ree

Their comeback single 'Glue' which MV is rated 25+ will be released on December 4.
Meanwhile, let's anticipate the 2nd set of teasers featuring Hyun A, Euaerin, Eunji, Hyemi and Minha later.

Source: 9MUSES Facebook
Written by KYUriShana@dkpopnews.net