2AM Changmin gains abs in just 3-weeks!

2AM Changmin porudly shares the result of his diet for their concert in the span of three weeks.

On December 9, Changmin updated his twitter account and shared the before and after photos of his abs. He tweeted the 'before' and even revealed his weight, 82.4kg, before he started his 3-weeks diet diary on November 13 in preparation for their concert.

Following the photo is the 'after' photo which is the result of his 3-weeks diet that was completed on December 7.In the 'after' photo, Changmin slimmed down to 77.6kg with his prominent tanned abs.

Fans are happy and were impressed, "Oppa that's great! 3 weeks is so fast!","How did you slimmed down in just a short time?","Looks so sexy! Congratulations!","What's your secret diet?"

Do you want to know his 3-weeks diet plan to get those chocolate abs?

Source: Changmin's twitter
Written by KYUriShana@dkpopnews.net