Why CL is the only one to go nude in 'Missing You' MV?

In a recent interview, 2NE1 talked about the inspiration behind their new song "Missing You" as well as the idea of the nude scene in the MV.

CL said,"The song is not simply about a man and a woman, it has a deeper meaning in which people who had or has been in love can relate to each other".

It was revealed that CL was the one who tried to convince other members to film the nude scene as well. Park Bom said,"At fist she suggested all of us to film the nude scene while leaning against each other. I was totally shocked","We all didn't think it's a good idea, so she decided to film it on her own. Dara opposed to this idea the most"

Dara then explained,"I didn't think it would do any good to us, so I didn't agree"

"I was surprised, I think she did an awesome job, and I admire that she can look at it from an artistic point of view. I didn't do it because I am the youngest", Minzy also added.

CL shared her opinion,"I didn't think any costumes would suit this MV, all I could think of is something simple and natural, so I suggested to the director about the nude scene". She also said,"I want people to see it as a way to interpret the song, not just nudity. I'm thankful to the director because he was able to capture its essence, it was so beautiful. I think I will also like it when I watch the scene as I get older"