Tiffany and Bora couldn't hide their closeness!

Fashion King Korea Facebook uploaded a photo of bestfriends SNSD Tiffany and SISTAR Bora on November 27. They wrote,

"This is taken from the backstage. Lovely bestfriends Tiffany with Bora. Proof shot"
In the photo, Tiffany and Bora are posing together making V-signs while smiling. They are both wearing fashionable outfits at the runway's backstage.

The two are very vocal about their close friendship and are both happy to appear on the same show 'Fashion King Korea' even though they are rivals. The photo proves that even they are competing against each other on the runway, they are very good bestfriends backstage.

'Fashion King Korea', an SBS fashion survival variety program which airs every Sunday at 12:15AM KST.

Source: Fashion King Korea Facebook
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