Teen Top's L.Joe flooded with b-day cakes!

Teen Top's L.Joe shared a photo of his birthday cakes he received from his fans.
L.Joe is celebrating his 21st (korean age) birthday today.

He wrote on me2day account, "Aigoo, it's beautiful. Thank you Angels and I love you♡_♡ -L.Joe "
The cakes aren't your usual cakes but L.Joe's are personalized one with some miniature of himself.
He also left a message on their fancafe and wrote,

" I'm so happy~~~
I really love you everyone ♥_♥
I'm here because I wanted to write
I'll be more cooler Byunghunie-hunie  in the future
Our Angels thank you ♥♥♥♥♥♥"

Also watch his thank you message below:

Happy Birthday!