Teen Top Niel reveals a 'half-naked' photo as a punishment

Teen Top have so many interesting and exciting stuffs for their fans during their official fanmeeting on November 24.

During their quiz, member Niel lost and as a consequence, he has to treat chicken and pizza.
In addition to that, he was also punished to upload a 'half-naked' photo of himself at exactly 11:30KST.

Here's the 'punishment'.

Leader C.A.P uploaded the photo and wrote, "The proof". Niel's mirror reflection showed him holding two boxes of pizza, proving that he really did the punishment. However, to fans disappointment, he only bares his sexy back. They commented. "Where's the front though?","This trick is unexpected!","His S-LINE is showing" , "He really has a tiny waist." and so on.

Niel tweeted afterward, "Since I wasn't told to reveal the front~~~"
Do you feel bad for him? or not?

Source: CAP & Niel's twitter
Written by KYUriShana@dkpopnews.net