Suzy explains about dating rumor with Sung Joon

miss A’s Suzy talked about her dating rumor with ‘Gu Family Book’ co-star Sung Joon for the first time on a recent interview with a local media outlet on November 5.

In her interview, the singer-actress shared, “The day the pictures came out was the day right before my birthday. I thought this is an unforgettable 20th birthday gift. It’s the first time I’ve ever had a scandal.”

Suzy firmly refused the dating rumor stating, “I’m good friends with Sung Joon, and we occasionally meet up. I know he had his arm around me, but I have no explanation for it.”

When asked about what kind of relationship she would like to have, Suzy answered, “I don’t dream of sweet romance. My personality does not fit such a style, and I’ve never had any fantasies. I just hope I could find someone that I can talk to.”

Meanwhile, miss A just made their comeback with second album ‘Hush’.