SS501's Kim Hyung Jun leaves a message for fellow member, Heo Young Saeng

SS501's Kim Hyung Jun posted a tweet to show his support to his fellow member Heo Young Saeng who started his mandatory military service last October 31.

He wrote, "Heo Young Saeng fighting!! Please come back well and be careful of the cold. Mansae!!!!!!!"

Heo Young Saeng entered the Nonsan Training Center in Chungnam province. He will receive four weeks of basic training before serving for the next 21 months as an active-duty soldier.

Heo Young Saeng is the second SS501 member to enlist, after Kim Kyu Jong in July 2012. Prior to his enlistment, he released a special album as well as held a solo farewell concert at AX Hall on October 26th which saw the reunion of all SS501 members.

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SOURCE: @HyungJun87