Some revelations from Nichkhun at his Bench Press Conference

On November 8th at Benchsetter Fun Meet press con, Nichkhun revealed generously some things about his life and career.

He said that it was only his third time in the Philippines. He had his first when a Korean show was shot in Payatas where they did outreach program for the underprivileged kids; and the second was when they had their 'What Time is it 2PM Live Tour' concert in Manila last March 2013. He said that he never had the chance to really experience the country. However, he already tasted his first ever 'balot'.

Nichkhun is not the first and only Bench endorser who came/ work from Korea. Korean superstar Lee Doonghae, Super Junior's Siwon and Lee Min Ho are Global Benchsetters as well. But he is the first and only Bench Thai endorser. Nichkhun shared a moment when he was in Germany where he saw a Bench store. After seeing that, he proudly declared, "That's my brand!"

His fashion style was also raided. He shared that his personal style is simple, clean, and appropriate to the occasions. When he was asked if he does fix his fair, his proud answer was "NO!". He disclosed that when it is his off day, he just let his hair be after taking his bath. Girls! Here's what Nichkhun finds catchy in women. He said that he prefers girls who are simple, but not too predictable. If you just wear T-shirt and jeans, he's fine with that. But he finds uggs cute.

Nichkhun is multilingual. He can speak English, Thai and Korean fluently. Currently, he's learning Chinese and Japanese. He said that with all the languages that he uses, he can't speak one language properly. 

Aside from being multilingual, he's also a multi-faceted idol. He can sing, dance, act, and model well. But Nichkhun revealed that when he was starting as a trainee, he was really bad at all. He reasoned out that it was never his dream to be an entertainer. He said that if he's not the Nichkhun he's right now, he would be a chef or an interior designer.

Watch the video to see him:

The video was entitled "K-Pop star Nichkhun donates to calamity victims" because he really did that. He even signed Bench clothes which are currently in auction to help the ST Haiyan victims. 

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SOURCE: PhilippineSTAR