Seo In Guk explains his scandal with Girls’ Generation’s YoonA

Seo In Guk recently clarified his scandal with Girls’ Generation’s YoonA that made headlines last year.

On a recent broadcast of KBS 2TV ‘Happy Together 3’ aired on October 31, Seo In Guk talked about his past dating scandal with YoonA. The two stars were previously swirled up in dating rumors after being spotted together at the baseball game.

When asked about what has changed since he became popular, Seo In Guk answered, “After my popularity surged, the biggest change in my life was the numerous scandals that broke about me.

He then explained his scandal with YoonA, saying, “I want to say again, I didn’t go to the baseball stadium with YoonA. I went to the baseball game with my friend when I saw Yoona on the bigscreen. I was so happy that I went over to say hi to her. I didn’t know that there would be that many reporters.”