Netizens who edited Kang Min Kyung’s sponsor photo arrested

Davichi’s Kang Min Kyung has been reported to have filed lawsuit against netizens who have spread malicious photoshopped images of herself with a sponsor. Officials from the Seoul Central District Prosecutors’ Office has announced today that they have arrested the culprit.

According to the prosecutors, two netizens posted the photo this past March on various portal sites. The photo showed a woman who seems to look like Kang Min Kyung serving a sponsor at a nightspot. Kang Min Kyung and her agency took legal actions and did some investigations of their own. They submitted these netizen’s IDs to the police and discovered the suspects shortly.

The prosecutors also stated that Kang Min Kyung sued a third netizen that was involved, but press charges are dropped as they have not found the person’s actual identity.

Source: Nate