Minzy confirms she undergoes nose surgery

Assumptions have been floating around as netizens noticed 2NE1's Minzy getting a lot prettier than ever.
They've stated that she might underwent nose surgery as they compared photos of her with a noticeable pointed nose from her past photos.

Though, YG already denied the rumors before, it was until an interview with Osen that the agency and Minzy admit to nose surgery.

With YG's CEO, Yang Hyun Suk, who is known to be against plastic surgery, netizens have been flocking how would it be possible. YG Entertainment explained that Minzy has been suffering from rhinitis and the procedure done for her rhinitis also involved a surgery to straighten her nose.

To address the questions and curiosity of people commenting that obvious change in appearance, Minzy admits herself, "Nowadays, I've heard stories talking about my appearance changed. It's not my nature to hide things so I wanted to talk about it immediately. Actually, I've been suffering from rhinitis for a long time, and it was tough for me to sing and dance. When I visited hospital, they advice me that I should receive complete surgery because my nose is somehow crooked."

With 2NE1's busy promotions, Minzy stated that it's getting hard to bear so she followed the advice. She added, "I've never had any surgery done before so I got anxious. However my mother recommended that while correcting my nose, I should also receive surgery so there's nothing to worry anymore."

Minzy revealed that it took her long to decide. She shared that she even gathered her courage to discuss it with their CEO and got an advice to follow her mother's opinion since Gummy and Wheesung also had rhinitis before.

In addition to that, Minzy also revealed, "My mother who is my friend and my mentor at the same time loves me very much. Although I do exercises everyday at the YG building, she noticed that I am not as slender as the other members. So she personally lost 10kg to motivate me. In fact, my family members also started dieting now ,that's why I've been losing weight as well."

Source: Osen
Written by KYUriShana@dkpopnews.net